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The Pelham Carnegie Library

The Carnegie Library, Pelham, Georgia

This classically inspired building in the heart of Pelham, GA opened in 1908 and has served the community as a public library ever since.  Spearheaded by one of Pelham's founding fathers, Judson Larabee Hand and designed by T.W. Smith of Columbus, GA, the building includes beautiful interior finishes, original hardware, impressive structural framing, and 32 of the original seven foot high double hung windows.

The Historic Structure Report dug deeply in archives both locally, online and at The University of Georgia to place the story of this building in the context of its time. The site evaluation examined every aspect of the structure, some of it microscopically, from the masonry footings to the cross-hip roof.  Use of photogrammetry and traditional dimensioning aided the creation of architectural drawings which were delivered as CAD files to the architect.  

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