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The List of Services Provided Below

Historic Structure Report

A historic Structure Report (HSR) is a comprehensive preservation and rehabilitation tool that thoroughly documents the history and material elements of a historic structure, typically a historic building, and its associated environment, evaluates its existing condition, and provides general recommendations necessary to responsibly deal with existing issues and concerns about the structure in consideration of its current and potential adaptive use(s)
Conditions Assessment Report

A conditions assessment report provides documentation and explanation of the existing conditions of a historic building. It aids in the planning of conservation, restoration, and preservation needs. The report covers everything from the buildings construction methods and materials to existing conditions and intervention priorities. 
Structure Documentation Report

Utilizing digital imaging technology, 3D modeling and CAD software, a strucutre documentatino report provides a dimensionally precise record and model of historical objects large and small
Historic Development & Setting Report

A detailed and documented history of the structure, its existing setting and an analysis of the building's structural system, exterior and interior architectural detailing and identification of history character-defining features. 
Treatment, Accessibility and Code Compliance Report

This is the final component of a comprehensive historic strcutre evaluation. This report provides actino steps on how best to preserve or portect historic features and materials. The report also details ADA consideration and anticipated building code issues. 
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